3 Emme was born in 2014, in the heart of the furniture production district, the Brianza.

Founded by Maspero family, for thirty years in the furniture market, is today led by the Maspero brothers, from which the name of the company originates and which represent the second generation: business owners who bring with them an important background of skills and professionalism.

We are specialized in the realization of complete services

From the assembly of furniture to the laying of floors, from the realization of plasterboard works and suspended ceilings to the whitewashing, the carpentry works carried out on site and all the details required for the outfitting, 3 Emme offers a complete service for your interior.

Innovative enough to anticipate demand

3 Emme makes customers care and proactivity two must-have aspects of its service. It replies with exclusivity, professionalism and precision to customers demands, be they offices, shops or private, always finding a solution to their problems.

Tradition, bravery and resourcefulness

Point of reference in the furniture assembly sector since its birth, 3 Emme stands out from the competitors for the successful union between tradition and future. From founders to employees, we work together to achieve ever more ambitious goals.

From a passionate family, the birth of SMA

Leader in assembly solutions, 3 Emme is born from the will and intuitions of Maspero family. Its name comes from the Maspero brothers who led it today and representing the second generation of competent, professional and passionate family, for thirty years in the furniture industry.
In 1975, Felice Maspero founded a tapestry that soon followed the SMA (Furniture Assembly Team).

An innovative reality that conquered the market

An external company specializing in furniture assembly was a real innovation for the eighties. Soon SMA, initially focused on the office sector, opened to the international market also proposing contract and residential assembly solutions. So was born the MAXI and then the 3 Emme.
The three sons made their official entry into the company, after having supported their parents for years in the work of every day.

3 Emme today

Today 3 Emme is a leader in furniture assembly. In the headquarters of Mariano Comense, on an area of 1.500 square meters, are situated the offices and a huge department store, from where logistics is managed and organized.
Specialized in offering customers a complete service, the company invests in the professional training of its operators continuously and constantly, so that they are always updated on the latest technologies and innovations in the sector, bringing added value to each project.


An area of 1.500 square meters that houses the offices and a huge department store.
Always updated technicians

The 3 Emme technicians are always updated in the field of safety, as well as the latest technologies and industry innovation.